back to work!

It doesn't show online, but I have been working on a new book since october! With a publishing house that I really like, they are so nice to work with (I can't say more right now). After maternity leave and other smaller projects, I was eager to dive into the creation of a book, and the dedication that it implies. with 3 kids getting sick one after another, I had less time than ever to draw, and more time than ever to think about this project, and my work in general.
I have been reading a bit too, ''show your work!'', by Austin Kleon.  He wrote that if one is not embarrassed from previous work, there is a problem (meaning that we should go out of our comfort zone while working and try uneasy stuff). I felt in the right path!
Therefore, I decided to try again to work with watercolor (and photoshop). A few years ago, I did a book entirely in watercolor, at the request of the publisher, and I had promised to myself never to touch a brush anymore, the working process had been long, painful, and at the time, I had not liked the outcome. Thanks to the graphic designer who had done a very good work, and maybe time, I like it now...anyway I thought I would give it a try once again. I am sharing here the research, characters and all


neww book soon

I have been asked not to give details about this book before it is out, but here is at least one image:



''simsim'' was just released by Dar elkitab wal makateb, written by lubna nashef and illustrated by me. I wanted to try to do illustrations the old way, without photoshopping anything, and with 1 color only in addition to the pencil's grays.

covers for capstone publishing

I have been contacted by Capstone publishing to design 3 covers for 3 books. The instructions being very precise, it was very fun and relaxing to draw animals and stick to the instructions.