Alphabet des sourds / French sign language alphabet

Affiche représentant l'alphabet des sourds (français) pour l'Association des Sourds de l'Aude. / French sign language alphabet for the ASA association.


new project / nouvelle commande

Details of  research for a new pleasurable assessment : the total re-design of a computer game for kids./ Nouveau projet pour lequel je prends bcp de plaisir: le redesign total d'un vieux programme informatique éducatif pour les 3/5 ans. Ici quelques détails des recherches.



sign-language alphabet / alphabet en langue des signes

 Níce new assessment: a sign-language alphabet for a french association. Here is the beginning, sketches and style research. That's a great exercice for drawing skills / Nouveau projet bien sympa: réaliser un alphabet langue des signes (français) pour une association, qui puisse etre déclinable (couleurs, utilisation). Un bon exercice de dessin de mains. Voici le début des recherches et croquis


Un palace en enfer, by Alice Quinn

Here is my participation to the creation of a book cover. ''Un palace en enfer'' is available for kindle download on Amazon. Graphic design by ''Orange vif'', long time friend!


30 mars, le poster

Tadaaam, here is the poster of  the documentary film I worked for last month. I was asked to create images according to the memories of the winesses featured in the film. And the graphic design is from a nice gifted guy named Bassam Loulou, whom I always enjoy working with.


Another portrait for the film. I chose to use flat colors, red / black/ white for the whole project. Nothing very original here, that's a classic graphic choice for this kind of work (political, showing violence). but I knew I'd have to work very quickly, plus there had to be a unity through the whole images series, and each image had to be wuite powerful, so...


More violence in store with the following images, still for the documentary film about riots in a few arab villages in 1976. Let's hope that my next project will be about love and flowers!



Portrait of one of the victims in the riots that happened during land day 1976 in Israel. Illustration for a documentary film.


illustration documentaire

Première image d'une série qui apparaîtra dans un film documentaire racontant les violents évènements qui se sont produits durant ''le jour de la terre'', à Sakhnin et Arrabe en 1976, entre la police et les citoyens arabes d'Israel.