resarch for a new project


For this new picture book project, I decided to challenge myself: I left my pencils in their box and bought some gouache... I feel out of my comfort zone, a bit scared. But I have a great feeling about the team (commissioner + writer + graphic designer), so it should turn out nice.


I just finished the illustrations for a new book!

It will be published in a few weeks by Kul-Shee Publishing. Its title (here translated) is ''I'd love to sing''.


research for a new book

In the middle of research for a new picture book. Target: small children. Time: very short. I decided to focus on simplicity of shapes ( which i'm not used to...) and colors.


Rosie Maldonne: new adventures

Another adventure for the now famous Rosie Maldonne! An e-book available on Amazon kindle book-store:


new book in process!

I received a commission from a new arab publishing house. It's a story full of animals (always a pleasure to draw) and here is the result of my first hours of coloring.



After the huge success of Alice Quinn's ''un palace en enfer'' (published by the author on Amazon Kindle store, best seller 2013,  translated in english...), I'm glad to draw  Rosie Maldonne one more time for the cover of her new adventures...
(work in process)


new book

The first two books I illustrated are out the print house! I can't wait to see them. Meanwhile, I am working on a new project: a book for very small kids. The hero is a caterpillar (sounds familiar...). The challenge is: I have to finish it in 3 weeks.
Here are the researches for the character:


''my dad is a rocket and my grandad a satellite''

I have finished the illustrations for a new book : ''my dad is a rocket and my grandad a satellite''. It's a funny story about cuttlery arguing about who has the most valuable ancesters. A big saucepan says that his grandpa was a brave drum, the knife is nostalgic when he remembers his past with salah eddin, a one-ear-cup reminds everyone that he once was Van Gogh... the message behind this nice story is of course that our value is the one of our actions and comittments, and it is particularly relevant  here, among palestinians, where one person is often ''judged'' by his family.
So here is the title page and a few other pages


Success story : Un palace en enfer

Il y a quelque temps, j'ai fait l'illustration de couverture pour le roman ''un palace en enfer'', d'Alice Quinn, en binome avec la talentueuse graphiste  Aurélie Khalidi ( http://orangevif.com/).
(Voici le résultat). Le roman, auto-édité par l'auteur sur Amazon kindle, s'est rapidement retrouvé en train de caracoler en tete des ventes, pour finir best seller 2013 des livres numériques en France!
Le roman vient d'etre racheté par les éditions Michel Lafon
il est disponible dans toutes les librairies France et francophones depuis janvier 2015.
Et voici le lien pour visiter le blog D'Alice Quinn: alice-quinn.com